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We offer an annual contract for machines, discounts available the more machines you/buy cover. This contract gives you peace of mind with a set-fee for year round cover On-site Servicing call-out and labour costs. These contracts also include a single Full Service (Annual) for your machine, so they offer fantastic value for money and all-year cover.

Once you pay, your cover begins. Any parts we need to change are at your cost, payment for these parts must be immediate and cover is suspended if payment is not received by us within 14days of invoice (service date). You must have a water softener in use and not exhausted for cover to be valid. If your water softener reaches 12 months use during the contract, you must regenerate the unit or you will lose your cover. We offer unlimited call outs, however we do not cover for issues that emerge to have arisen through no fault of our machine (Ex. Site electrical failures/negligence, accidental/deliberate damage) and will invoice fully for these call outs.

The Standard contract offers Monday to Friday excluding Saturdays and Bank Holiday cover and you may also consider to include in the yearly maintenance contract all Bank Holidays and Saturdays for an additional charge for each Coffee Machine.

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