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To ensure that the coffee machine always produces delicious coffee cup after cup after cup, it must always be carefully cleaned and maintained. Coffee Passion is here to help you achieve this through annual services and special training on the daily cleaning of the machines. We provide a number of packages to suit your needs:

Water filter Regeneration

When a problem arises with your machine, we are available Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. We can send one of our mobile technicians to your business and usually attend and repair that same day. The Call out price includes 1/2 hour labour Monday to Friday. If the service is required on Saturdays or Bank Holiday we will charge extra.

Known as the ‘Front Head Service’. Is performed on-site and involves our technician cleaning the group heads, replacing group head gaskets and showerhead. Cleaning of the steam and hot water valves, re-lubrication & regulation of the water pump and boiler pressure. This can be performed every six months. But should not be seen as an alternative to a full-service as we would not be dismantling the machine and performing lime-scale eradication.

We pick the machine up providing a replacement machine. At our workshops our engineers totally disassemble the machine:

· Cleaning of ALL hydraulic parts using industry standard degreasing and descaling agents through our ultra-sonic tank, which breaks down the limescale, even in the tightest spots.

· Re-lubrication of both water pump and steam/water valves.

· Replacing all the filled gasket and shower plates on the machine.

· Regulation of both the water pump and the boiler pressure levels.

The machine is then returned to you cleaned and refurbished throughout, re-installed and settings are regulated for both the machine and your grinder. We will also install the regenerated water softener if this has been required.

Annual service is essential for a machines long-life, removal of lime scale and quality of coffee.

CTU – Calcium Treatment Unit – REGENERATION

Removal of your exhausted water softener and replacement with a regenerated unit. This must be performed at least every 12months, usually at the point of service. Without regeneration, the CTU will not perform filtration of hard water supply and the machine will rapidly deteriorate as it becomes ‘choked’ by lime scale

Offered for your compliance with the Health and Safety Requirements for Inspection of Pressure Systems (espresso machines). Working alongside your inspector or booking one for you; we perform an authorised and accredited boiler inspection. Please be aware this is a legal requirement for espresso machines, please read the legislation: Boiler Inspections can be performed at point of full service or any other time, on-site at request.

· The installation of a water softener is highly recommended

· Make sure water mains supplies drinking water

· Wash out thoroughly the water softener 5 until the water becomes clear.

· Connect the water softener 5 to the lever ball valve 1 (water mains)

· If the mains pressure is higher than 5 bar, a pressure reducer should be installed to avoid high pressure in the output

· Important! the coffee machine must be supplied with water of over 8°F hardness


· Check first that the voltage rating corresponds with the one written on the CE plate on the coffee machine

· Check that the electrical supply line can support the coffee machine load

· Connect to an earthed socket and check that the power supply cord is efficient. Both they must comply with the national and European safety standards.

· Connect the power cable 8 to the electric line using the 45A cooking switch 4 for mains separation.