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About Us

Let’s start with the basics. We LOVE coffee, because of that our main goal is to maintain a high level of what is one of the greatest Italian traditions, the art of coffee. We do this through our commitment to top quality coverage of every aspect of commercial coffee creation, from servicing to selling. CoffeePassion was born after years of experience and love for coffee; we are based on the ancient coffee culture, and we have roots in the country where the espresso was born.

Our dream was realised in London with the only target being to preserve all the processes necessary to obtain a good ‘tazzina’ of coffee. We often blame the quality of the espresso, forgetting how important the devices, through which we obtain it, are to its taste.

Knowing that, we offer coffee machine maintenance services of all the necessary instruments related to the espresso, we can train you on how to use and keep them clean and, moreover, we introduce new quality products in order to get the best from your chosen bean.

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